Would You Benefit From a Humidifier This Winter?

Winter weather is rarely thought of as comfortable. Yes, it makes the perfect setting for cuddling up under a warm blanket but having to walk down a cold, windy street is less than pleasant. We are all focused on staying as warm and comfortable as possible during these colder months of the year. Chances are, a whole-house humidifier in Springfield can help you enjoy better home comfort that you have before.

The truth is, cold temperatures aren’t the only thing making it hard to get your home comfy during the fall and winter. Dry air can create an added challenge. That is why we want you to know about this indoor air quality system that can help balance the humidity in your home and provide you with the best indoor environment possible.

Wait, Why Would I Want to Make My Home Humid?

When we discuss adding a humidifier, we aren’t suggesting turning your home into a hot, muggy swamp. We all know how uncomfortable things are during summer when the heat and humidity pack a double-punch. But cold and dry air can do the exact same thing to your comfort levels in winter!

The key to enjoying optimal home comfort actually comes with balanced humidity. Keeping the level of airborne moisture in your home between 35-45% is going to help you feel nice and comfortable.

The Impact of a Humidifier

A whole-home humidifier can be the solution you need to get your home’s comfort to where it needs to be. This system is installed into your ductwork and can adjust the level of moisture in your home from there. This will allow you to achieve that optimal level of humidity throughout the house, rather than only adjusting it in one room the way a portable system would. That also means you’ll enjoy the benefits of:

  • Better health: Dry air can dry your nose and skin out. This can lead to increased illnesses because a dry nose can be a great place for germs to enter your body. When the humidity in your home is within that optimal range though it will help you stay healthier.
  • Better heat: Dry air is bad at transferring heat. In contrast, air that has some moisture in it is going to hold onto and transfer heat well. That is why humid days feel so much hotter! With a whole-house humidifier, your home will stay more comfortable and your heater won’t have such a hard task to accomplish.
  • Fewer impacts from dry air: Dry air can do a number on wooden items in your home too. Furniture that is starting to crack or wood floors that have begun to warp are often a victim of dry air. Avoid needing to redesign with a humidifier.

The key to adding a whole-home humidifier to your house is that the installation must be done by a professional. You don’t want an amateur to do the job and mess it up or damage your ductwork in the process.

Let our team help. We can match you with the best system for your needs and get it installed properly so you can enjoy the best comfort possible this winter.

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