What To Do About Leaking Pipes

You turn on a faucet and notice that you are getting far less water pressure than you would expect. Or perhaps someone is washing their hands upstairs and you notice a wet spot growing on the wall. These are problems created by leaks in your plumbing and they are not to be ignored.

Is there a good way to handle a leak though? We’d say that there is. Here is a quick guide to help you handle your leak and get your plumbing in Springfield, PA back into working order.

Start By Watching For Warning Signs

First things first, you are going to need to know what the warning signs of a leak are. This way you can reach out for service as soon as you notice a problem and hopefully prevent the issue from getting worse. Here are the indicators to check for:

  • Low water pressure to one or more appliances. Low water pressure to one faucet or a toilet is a likely sign of a pipe leak. Low water pressure to multiple plumbing appliances can indicate a problem with the main water line.
  • The sound of running water without a source. You can hear water running through the pipes as if someone were washing their hands but none of the faucets or other plumbing appliances are in use. The activity you are hearing is likely caused by a leak.
  • You have an overactive water meter. No matter how little your plumbing systems are used it seems as if your water meter is registering a lot of extra water use. This may be due to a leak and is worth calling a plumber to check out.
  • Your toilet flushes on its own. It is spooky to be woken up by your toilet running on its own in the middle of the night. This isn’t a ghost though. It is likely a leak in some part of your toilet that is creating that added draw for water into the system.
  • You smell or see mold or mildew. This may be a sign that comes up a little later on in the game but it is still an important one to watch for. Leaks can create an ideal environment for mold and mildew growth so make sure to take notice of any mold you see and have a plumber check for leaks nearby.

If You Notice Indicators of a Leak, Schedule Professional Repairs

The best thing you can do to handle a leak is to reach out to a professional technician to get it located and patched. The expert plumbers on our team can provide you with quick leak detection and expert repairs or even pipe replacement if needed.

It is worth every penny to work with a pro. The pros at Walsh Brothers Plumbing and Mechanical Services, Inc. are trained and experienced in handling leaks. This means you can enjoy knowing the job will be handled properly and quickly.

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