Is an Electric Furnace Right for You?

Did you know that there are different kinds of furnaces available to use in your home?

Many people are familiar with just one kind of furnace, usually the one that is already in their home. It is important to learn what other options are available to you though.

We can provide both top-quality service and helpful information to our clients. That’s why we want to help start out by giving you information about a heater option that you might not be familiar with.

Here is what you should know about using an electric furnace in Springfield, PA so that you can learn if one may be a good fit for you.

What Makes an Electric Furnace Different

There is a wide variety of furnace heaters out there, differentiated by how they create heat. For example, a gas-powered furnace burns natural gas to create heat for your home. No matter what the fuel source though, every kind of heat uses electricity.

The difference is that an all-electric furnace only uses electricity. These systems operate through the use of electrical resistance to create heat that is blown throughout your home.

What Might Make an Electric Furnace Right For You

There are some clear benefits that come with the installation and use of an electric furnace. Here are the perks that you may want to know about before talking to your technician about your next furnace installation.

  1. They don’t require any gas. If you don’t have a pre-existing gas line connected to your home then the idea of installing one can be cost-prohibitive. With an electric furnace, all that you need is a source of electricity to connect to.
  2. They are easier to install. An all-electric furnace needs to be placed and connected to your electrical system. That’s it. While this still requires professional service to accomplish correctly, it is a faster and easier task than installing a gas-powered system would be.
  3. Powerful and efficient. Furnaces that use just electricity to get the job done are made to heat your home effectively. They are great at doing this. What’s more, because there is no fuel burned, they don’t produce any waste, making them extremely energy efficient.
  4. Lower chance of a safety hazard. As a gas-powered furnace gets older, it becomes a bit more likely to develop a repair need that can prove hazardous. This is a problem that you’ll never have to worry about with an all-electric furnace because there is no gas involved and therefore no risk of a gas leak.

The One Drawback: Monthly Operational Costs

One highly important factor to consider is the price of electricity in your area. If electricity is costly, then it may mean running an all-electric furnace can prove too expensive for your budget.

If electricity is affordable though, monthly bills should be reasonable enough to make it easy to use your furnace whenever it is needed.

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