Here’s How To Tell When You Need a Water Heater Repair

These are going to be some of the coolest months of the year. This certainly isn’t the season when you want to be without hot water, not that anyone really ever wants that. If your water heater isn’t working correctly though, this may be your reality. The truth is that when you need water heater repairs in Newtown Square, the sooner you reach out for help, the better off you’ll be. The issue certainly won’t resolve itself!

You may have another question though which we are happy to answer: How do I know I need water heater repairs before I can’t get any hot water? We have the warning signs you need to know and the solution to the problem as well.

Your system takes extra time to heat water

You turn on the faucet or shower and wait for the water to heat up. It should only take a minute or two but instead, you find yourself wasting gallons waiting for warmth. This is a big indicator that something is wrong with your system’s ability to heat water.

The water pressure has gotten weaker

If you are in an area that has “hard” water, meaning it contains larger amounts of sediments and minerals, it can lead to build-up in your water heater. This build-up of sediment can impact your water pressure as it can clog pipes and even start collecting within faucet heads and spigots.

Your system is making strange noises

The last time you tried to get hot water from a faucet or other appliance in your home, could you hear your water heater trying to do its job? This isn’t normal if you did. While your water heater will make some noise when it runs, it shouldn’t make a ruckus. Sounds like rumbling, crackling, or kettling are all indicators of trouble in your water heater.

You are getting less hot water than you used to

When a water heater needs repairs, it isn’t going to just stop producing hot water overnight. Usually, the system will fight to get the job done even if it misses the mark. By this, we mean that if you have been getting lukewarm water or hot water that only lasts a few minutes, it is time to call for repairs. This can all too easily escalate into a broken system that needs to be replaced.

Your bills are skyrocketing

Water heaters can impact two big bills that you deal with: your water bill and your energy bill. If you’ve noticed that these two bills are starting to increase far more than they should, then it is likely that your water heater is in trouble.

Trust Us To Get Your System Fixed

By now you may have a better idea of whether or not your water heater needs repairs. If it does, you’ll want to reach out to our team for service. We employ professional technicians who can diagnose the cause of the problem and get it fixed quickly.

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