Best Care Practices For Your Kitchen Drain

Avoiding a back-up in your kitchen sink is a good idea. It isn’t possible forever, but you should be able to avoid it with the proper approach. To help with this, we’ve provided some best practices to put in place when using your kitchen sink that will help your pipes and prevent frequent clogs.

Do’s and Don’ts For Using Your Kitchen Sink Drain

Washing things down your drain in your kitchen sink will never be the same…and it shouldn’t be. There are plenty of things that get washed down the drain that really aren’t supposed to go down there. Use these tips to help you determine whether you should toss something in the trash next time.

  • DON’T dump fats, oils, and grease down the drain. The biggest no-no for your kitchen drain is F.O.G or fats, oils, and grease. These can cool rapidly and coat the interior of your drain where they create a sticky base for other items to stick to and begin to form a clog.
  • DO keep hard items out of the garbage disposal. It is easy to understand that things like chicken bones or rib bones don’t belong in your drain. This also applies to other hard food items like fruit pits, fibrous vegetables, and so on. Make sure to throw out debris like this rather than trying to wash it away. It can clog your drain and harm your garbage disposal.
  • DO avoid putting coffee grounds, eggshells, and other clogging factors down the drain. Speaking of clogging factors, you want to toss out things like coffee grounds, eggshells, and other items. These are also prone to sticking to your drainpipe and forming a clog.
  • DON’T use chemical drain cleaners. If your drain starts to back up and slow down, it can be tempting to use a store-bought chemical drain cleaner to try to solve the issue. This won’t solve your clogging problem and is likely to harm your drain over time. It is rare that chemical drain cleaners are as helpful as they claim to be.
  • DO Schedule drain cleaning each year. Ditch the chemical drain solvent and go for a more effective solution: drain cleaning. When provided by a professional plumber in Havertown, PA, drain cleaning tactics using an auger or hydro jet can offer a much more effective and long-term solution.

You want your kitchen drain to let wastewater pass through it freely. Using these tips and our services, you can ensure that your drain remains as clean and clear as possible.

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