6 Things You’ll Love About Whole-House Generators

Losing power in your home is a pain. Maybe it’s a full-blown power outage caused by a storm…or maybe a squirrel crawled onto the wrong part of a power line. Whatever the cause, a loss of power to your home is going to throw your whole day off. It may even ruin your week.

Modern homes rely heavily on electricity so the ability to keep the lights on and the energy flowing is very important. That’s why installing a whole-house generator in Havertown, PA is a great idea.

6 Things to Love About Whole-House Generators

Why bother with a whole-house generator when portable ones are available to you? It’s a question we’ve encountered many times and we like to let you decide for yourself. Here are six great things that you may love about whole-house generators:

  1. They’re automatic: When the flow of power to your home is interrupted, your whole-house generator will pick up on it and automatically turn on to keep things going. That means no having to search around in the dark to get your portable system hooked up and running.
  2. They’re eco-friendly. Most portable generators use gas or diesel to operate. Whole-house systems are going to be hooked up to a natural gas line, making them much more eco-friendly.
  3. No re-fills needed. A portable generator has to be re-filled once it uses up all the fuel it has to provide power. Your whole-house generator is directly connected to a gas line so it never needs a refill.
  4. They’re long-lasting. Whole-house systems are made to last up to 3000 hours at a time. That’s days to weeks of power.
  5. They’re powerful. Did you know that a whole-house generator can be sized to provide power to the entire home? While your portable system might only be able to power a few appliances, your whole-house system can keep the lights, the fridge, and the air conditioner running.
  6. They’re safe. Whole-house generators are safe. With these systems, there is no need to handle containers of gas and there is no risk of noxious fumes making their way into your house. What’s more, they can help keep you safe because they are able to keep the lights on and keep your systems running. This reduces the chances of anyone getting sick from rotten food, getting injured falling or tripping in the dark, or being the victim of a break-in when the lights go out.

The decision is ultimately yours. You can fight and struggle with a portable generator the next time there is a power outage or you can enjoy handling things stress-free because your whole-house generator has you covered.

Speaking of having you covered, if you do choose to install a whole house generator in your home then you can come to our team for the installation and upkeep of this system. We will make sure that your whole house generator has an optimal start and runs properly for years to come.

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