5 Symptoms of a Heater In Need of Repair

Temperatures are dropping into an uncomfortable range which means it is when you want your heater working its best. You may discover yourself faced with a different situation though. In some cases, you may discover you need a heating repair in Drexel Hill, PA, just when you need your heater the most.

Here’s the thing—you’ll need to know how to figure out you need a repair for your heater to get things started. We can help discover the warning signs of a repair need and then provide the necessary services to get things back into operation.

5 Signs Your Heater Is In Need of Repairs

Be on the lookout for any of the following signs that your heater needs some professional assistance:

  1. The heater is making odd noises: Have you noticed that your heater has gotten noisy lately? This isn’t a normal development. New noises such as rattling, hissing, screeching, clanging, or bubbling is worth getting your system checked out.
  2. There is an increase in your energy bills: Your energy bills should reflect your use of your heating system. If your monthly bills seem to be reflecting a much higher level of demand on your heater than you’ve actually been requesting, it means that you have a problem. A heater that is struggling to keep up is one that may eat up extra energy to try to get the job done.
  3. The heater is short cycling: Short cycling is a term that refers to when the system’s heating cycle is interrupted or cut short. A short cycling heater with have an increased level of stress on it, wearing it down faster, and will also eat up extra energy too.
  4. You smell something concerning: The nose knows! Or at least, your nose knows when to alert you that something smells off. The smell of rotten eggs may be a sign that your natural gas heater has a leak allowing toxic gas into the house. AN acrid burning smell may indicate electrical parts that are burning. An ongoing sickly sweet scent may indicate you have a heat pump system that is leaking refrigerant.
  5. There are cold spots around the house: Last but not least, don’t ignore cold spots in the house. Whether you have a radiant heater or a forced-air system, cold spots are a sign that your heater is in big trouble. Your radiant heating lines may have a leak or your furnace’s heating elements may be malfunctioning.

Why You Don’t DIY Heater Repairs

We get it. You are considering trying your hand at a DIY repair for your heater to try to save some cash. It is the holiday season and funds are tight after all. However, we want to impress upon you the importance that you do not attempt to do those repairs yourself. There is a significant risk to your health and safety if you attempt to make adjustments or repairs yourself. The best option for your sake and the sake of everyone in the house is always to leave heating system repairs to the experts.

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