5 Signs You Need Boiler Repairs

Boilers are excellent systems for heating up your home. Using radiant heat instead of forced-air heat, you can enjoy a comfortable and pleasantly warm home on even the coldest of days. That is, you can enjoy this comfort level when your boiler is working properly.

A malfunctioning boiler is no small problem. While a boiler may not use ductwork or refrigerant, it is still a complex system that needs expert care to keep it functioning properly. You can come to us for your repairs and any other boiler service in Havertown you may need.

5 Signs of Trouble With Your Boiler

As we said, boilers work differently than the other types of heaters out there. This doesn’t mean that they won’t need repairs just the same though. Burning gas, cycling water, and other parts of this systems heating process all take their toll on your boiler. Here are some signs that your system may need a little extra help right now:

  1. It takes a longer amount of time to warm the home. When you turn on your boiler, the result should become apparent pretty quickly. If you are instead waiting for 30 minutes or more to notice the slightest difference in the temperature, it means something is wrong with your system.
  2. You notice signs of a leak. Boilers heat up water and cycle it around your home to create radiant heat. It is an effective system unless there is a leak. Low water pressure, poor heating, and even visual stains that indicate a leak should prompt a call to a pro.
  3. You’re receiving spiking energy bills. Did your last energy bill give you a shock? You try hard to keep your demands on your boiler reasonable so what’s the deal? The deal is that your boiler probably has a repair issue causing an increased draw on resources.
  4. The boiler isn’t producing heat at all. Maybe your boiler isn’t struggling with a delay in its heating process. Instead, it might not be responding at all. Have a professional come by to diagnose and repair this issue ASAP!
  5. You hear concerning noises. There might be a little noise when you run your boiler but it shouldn’t be much. If you hear distinctive sounds like rumbling, gurgling, hissing, or whistling, reach out for repairs as soon as you can.

We Can Handle Your Repair Needs

Whether you are struggling with a faulty boiler or another part of your home comfort system is failing you, the team at Walsh Brothers Plumbing and Mechanical Services, Inc. can help. We are staffed by trained experts who know exactly how to diagnose and address any issues your boiler may be dealing with.

We’ve served Delaware County, Main Line, and the Philadelphia area for more than 75 years. Our team hasn’t made it this long doing nothing. Our work speaks for itself and brings customers back to us because they know that with us they are taken care of.

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