5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Plumber Vs DIY

In our age of DIY tutorials and YouTube videos, we know it can be difficult to strike a balance between knowing when to fix something yourself and hiring a professional. Sure, there are plenty of minor DIY tasks that you’re capable of handling. Unfortunately, many homeowners fall way in over their heads.

If you’re contemplating a DIY plumbing job, there are so many tools required for plumbing issues, so many unexpected factors, and so many things that can go wrong, much more than with other home improvement DIY projects. That’s why we recommend going with a licensed professional plumber for most things. Here are 5 reasons why you should.

1. Hiccups Along the Way

As with any home improvement project, there are bound to be hiccups along the way, and this is certainly true of plumbing. For example, say you’ve decided to install a new tub surround. But when you remove the existing material, you discover there’s mold growth.

Suddenly the job is much more complicated than you initially thought it would be. That’s where a professional plumber excels at what they do. No matter the issue, they have the expertise that’s needed to re-assess the scope of the job and plan accordingly.

2. You Need A Permit For Plumbing Projects

Most residential plumbing projects such as modifications, remodels, and installations require a permit. According to Allegheny County’s website, a plumbing plan must be submitted to the Health Department prior to starting plumbing work. This applies to any plumbing that is installed or altered.

The submitted plumbing plan should indicate any and all fixtures to be installed or altered, in addition to information about water service and building sewers. You must also include a drawing showing the location, connections, and types of materials to be installed.

Sound complicated? That’s because it is complicated. After the permit is submitted, you need to wait for approval. Obtaining the necessary permits is something that a professional plumber will take care of for you.

3. Risks to Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Let’s say your DIY plumbing job results in damage to your home or even to a neighbor’s home if you live in a condo. You file a claim and your insurer rejects it because it was a DIY job. Not only are you out the cost of the repair, but you’ve also opened yourself up to a potentially costly lawsuit from your neighbor. Don’t risk your much-needed homeowner’s insurance.

4. Licensed Plumbers Protect You–And Your Plumbing

A reputable plumber is licensed and insured. That means if anything goes wrong, it’s on them. They also have the experience that’s needed to look at the big picture and notice any small details when working on a plumbing system. That type of experience can’t be replaced by a YouTube tutorial.

5. They Have the Right Tools

Most people want to DIY a job for one reason to save money. However, by the time you add up all the costs of the materials, the tools you’ll need, and the time it takes to research the job and do it yourself, you’re looking at a hefty sum of money.

A professional plumber’s tools are not only expensive, but they’re also not the kind of thing you’re likely to find at the big box store or in your garage. They can easily assess what tools are needed for the job. They’ll also have access to hard-to-find replacement parts.

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