5 Indicators Your AC Needs Expert Service

We get it. The last thing you want to hear right now is that you need air conditioner repairs. It’s like discovering you have a flat tire–it can throw off your whole day, even your whole week. However, just like the flat tire the sooner you take care of the problem the better it will be.

Air conditioner repairs are never going to be fun to deal with. That is why our team makes it a priority to get your repairs taken care of quickly and effectively. Our goal is to make this whole thing as painless as possible. Ready to get started? Here are five signs that you need to reach out to us today to get your air conditioner repair scheduled.

#1. Your system has started to make some odd sounds.

The most noise that you should hear from a properly working air conditioner is the whoosh of air entering your home. If you start hearing additional noises such as rattling, clanging, hissing, bubbling, screeching, or other concerning sounds, it is worthwhile to reach out for repairs.

#2. You can’t cool off certain parts of the house.

Having trouble keeping one or more rooms in the home cool? Maybe you notice that there is a hallway that is particularly warm no matter how long you run your AC. These are known as hotspots and they are indicators that something is off within your air conditioner. Chances are high that it could be a ductwork issue that requires professional repairs.

#3. You notice musty smells when you run your AC.

When you run your air conditioner it is accompanied by the smell of mildew or something just less than pleasant. These musty odors are likely due to a problem within your condensate pan or condensate drain. A clog in the drain can leave dirty condensation sitting in your air conditioner which is a great breeding ground for mildew or mold. Make sure to reach out to a professional technician who can address this ASAP.

#4. The energy bills keep getting higher without a reason.

No matter how much or how little you run your air conditioner you are noticing that your energy bills keep getting higher as you encounter random spikes. This is a big indicator that there is a serious problem within your AC causing trouble. Make sure to reach out to a professional to check things out.

#5. Your AC never completes a cooling cycle

Last but not least you will be better off reaching out to a professional technician if you notice your air conditioner is short cycling. Short cycling refers to when your system turns on and turns off in shortened or interrupted cycles. This makes it nearly impossible to cool off the home. Even worse, it increases your energy bills and strains your system. Have a trained technician exam in your system if you notice it is short cycling.

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