5 Indicators That Your AC Needs Repairs

Summer has only just begun. This is the time when you want to be able to focus on fun plans such as pool days or BBQs and maybe even enjoy some extra hours on the patio talking with friends. Now isn’t when you want to contemplate the idea of being without an air conditioner to keep you cool when you need a reprieve from the heat.

We aren’t here to ruin your plans. What we do want is to make you aware of the signs that something is wrong with your air conditioning system so you can schedule an air conditioning repair in Broomall, PA before those issues ruin your summer fun.

5 Signs Something Is Wrong With Your Air Conditioner

When it comes to getting repairs for your AC taken care of, we firmly believe that sooner really is better. Here are the warning signs to watch for so you know when to contact us to get things fixed ASAP.

  1. The system creates odd noises while in operation. Aside from the whoosh of air through your system and a small amount of clicking at the end of the cycle, you don’t want to hear much noise from your air conditioner. Sounds like rattling, screeching, hissing, and more are all indicators of a variety of troubles that your AC may be battling with.
  2. The airflow from the system is weaker than normal. Maybe you notice that the airflow from one or more vents or air handlers in your home is weaker than usual. This is a sign that something is hindering the flow of air from your AC such as a bad blower fan or leaky ducts. This is worth a call to an expert!
  3. Your energy bills have increased but your usage hasn’t changed. How are your monthly bills looking lately? If you are just starting to use your air conditioner regularly, you may not have noticed much of a change. But if you are already seeing a large increase in your electricity bill despite running your air conditioner in a reasonable manner, then your system may need to be checked out.
  4. The system has started to short cycle OR runs nonstop. The average AC cooling cycle takes around 15 minutes to complete. If you have noticed that your AC either cuts off after only a few minutes (short cycling) or never seems to stop running, then you likely have a problem on your hands. Cycling inconsistencies can indicate issues ranging from a miscalibrated thermostat to a frozen evaporator coil.
  5. Your AC isn’t responding to you. If your thermostat is functioning correctly and your AC filter is clean, then your AC should, reasonably, be running alright. But if your AC seems to be behaving like a teenager on a Saturday morning and refusing to function, then you likely need an AC repair. The sooner the better because an unresponsive AC can also easily become an AC replacement if not addressed quickly enough.

Wondering what’s wrong with your air conditioner? We can answer your questions and solve the problem too! Contact Walsh Brothers Plumbing and Mechanical Services, Inc. for AC repairs that are always Fast-Friendly-Reliable.

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