4 Reasons to Love Your Electric Furnace

There are plenty of different kinds of heating systems out there. If you weren’t already familiar with the electric furnace though you may be surprised to learn what a great system this is. These heaters are efficient and reliable for homes throughout the country–including yours.

Maybe you already have an electric furnace in Havertown, PA or you are considering making the switchover from a natural gas system. In either case, you deserve to discover a bit more about why these systems are so great. Let’s dive in!

4 Things to Love About Electric Furnaces

No matter what type of heater you have, your system will need to use electricity on some level to operate. Electric furnaces simply use only electricity to accomplish the task of warming your home. These are some of the perks of this type of system:

  1. No risks of a gas leak: Unlike a gas furnace, an electric furnace doesn’t use natural gas, only electricity! This means that one of the biggest issues that come with a gas-based system, the risk of a gas leak, is no longer present. There are issues that can pop up
  2. Less likely to need repairs: Combustion is a big and necessary part of the heating process in a natural gas system, which eventually creates repair needs. With an electric furnace though this isn’t the case. All-electric systems use electric resistance to get the job done. While they aren’t immune from repair needs, they are going to need fewer repairs over their lifespan because of the way they operate.
  3. Reliable and eco-friendly: Electric furnaces are going to be just as reliable as other types of heating systems. They are also pretty eco-friendly because they don’t have any emissions like a gas-powered furnace might. This allows you to enjoy great comfort without harming the environment.
  4. Great performance in cold temperatures: Last but certainly not least, an all-electric system is just good at doing what it does. On the coldest of days, a heat pump may encounter trouble with its operation. This isn’t the case with an electric furnace. On chilly days, your electric furnace will still perform just as well as it always does.

The Drawback of an Electric Furnace

Let’s be clear, electric furnaces are great systems but they aren’t for everyone. If you already have a gas-powered system, we’d usually suggest sticking with it. This is because natural gas is a pretty affordable energy source and, unfortunately, electricity can end up getting pricey.

However, if you live in an area with low electricity prices, an electric furnace may be exactly what you need. You can also opt for this system if you don’t have a natural gas line connection to begin with.

Electrical furnaces are great systems to have in your home to keep you warm. But they do require professional service just like any other heating system. When you need help with your electrical furnace or any other heating system, you can come to our team for your service needs.

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