3 Signs You Need a Generator Repair

Downed power lines, storms, floods, and other issues can all have a big impact on your regular life in different ways. However, they can also create one big common problem; a power outage.

We’ve all been there–you’re reading a book or preparing a meal and suddenly there is no power in the home. It’s a big stressor as you start calculating how long the power outage might last and what you will need to do to get by. How much food will you lose? Can you work? Do you have enough candles or flashlights to guide you when the sun sets and you need to see?

But what if a power outage didn’t have to be this big of a problem? With a whole-house generator, you can avoid the struggles we’ve described above–as long as you keep your generator in working condition that is.

Indicators You Should Schedule Generator Repairs

If your generator needs to be fixed, the sooner you get this done the better. After all, you want to be able to rely on your system when it counts. Here are three signs to check for that show you when your whole-home generator needs to be repaired:

  • There are worn-out electrical components. Check the wires and other electrical components in your generator. If you see frayed or worn wires or possible corrosion around those connections, you need to have your system serviced by a professional.
  • You find signs of a leak. There is more than one possible source of a leak that can pop up in your whole-house generator. Whether this is from an overflowing condensate pan or an oil leak, if you notice any signs of a leak you should always reach out for repairs.
  • Start-ups are delayed or the system can’t stay on. If your generator hasn’t been used in a long time, it is well worth it to test the system to see if it turns on and stays on reliably. If the start-up is delayed or the generator can’t stay on, you will need to schedule repairs.

Why Use a Whole-House System

While a portable generator may not needs repairs the way that a whole-house generator does, the standby system is going to offer much better benefits. You can trust a well-maintained system to automatically provide power to your entire house for a long amount of time. This allows them to provide peace of mind all through the year to you and anyone else in your home.

When you need a Havertown, PA generator service like repairs or even an installation, you should always work with a professional. Whole-house systems require expert work to be kept in optimal condition so you can rely on them when you need them the most. Our team can provide the generator services you need.

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