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Serving the Greater Delaware County

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Serving the Greater Delaware County

24 Hour Service Available


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Springfield, PA Plumbing and HVAC Services

We’ve all been there when you’re jerked around by a subcontractor who is trying to sell you the most expensive air conditioner in stock. It’s stressful and it’s not fair to you. That’s why with Walsh Brothers Plumbing and Mechanical Services, Inc., we have a full parts and labor service agreement, as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re up-front with our pricing and we never hire subcontractors because we know that fast and friendly service is the most important part of keeping our customers happy. We have over 60 years of experience in Springfield, fixing pipes and installing air conditioners- so contact us today!

You’re always in good hands with Walsh Brothers. Fast-Friendly-Reliable.


Let’s face it, there are a wide variety of jobs that require diverse types of training when we’re talking about plumbing. These are not jobs that should be done by a handyman or a family member in Springfield, PA. Faulty piping can lead to water damage in your home, or health and safety problems when sewage backflows and mold grows. Whether it’s installing gas piping, repiping, drains, or routine maintenance, you’d be better off calling the pros. Trust us with all your plumbing needs.

Emergency Plumbing

No matter the position you or your family is in, plumbing emergencies should not have to wait. That’s why we’re at the ready, 24/7, with a real human being on the other end of the phone ready to dispatch our team to take care of your problem. Sewage leaks, water damage, and mold could be major health and property hazards if they’re not addressed immediately- so make sure to call us for all your emergency plumbing needs.

Drain and Sewer

Drains are susceptible to clogs after a long time of use. While waste, residue, and hair build up around the walls of the pipe, all the unclogging you try to do might not be enough. That’s why we offer hydro-jetting, as well as other professional drain unclogging services to make sure that your bathroom sink stops backing up. Don’t spend hours of time trying to snake out hair from your drains, call the Springfield, PA professionals. Contact us today for comprehensive drain and sewer services

Air Conditioning

Are you ready to make the switch to a ductless air conditioning system? If you are, no need to look any further. We offer the installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of ductless mini-splits that can drastically increase comfort and efficiency for your home. Since we recognize that there is an air conditioning solution for every home and every budget, if this type of air conditioner is right for you, we can be the ones to install it.


Not every HVAC company installs, maintains, or repairs radiant heating systems. Radiant heating systems can be complicated, with an extensive number of pipes. That’s how you know we’re the professionals to call. We can help you with all your heating needs, regardless of how complicated or old your system is. We even work on radiant in-floor heating and baseboard heater systems. With us, just one call does it all.

Indoor Air Quality

When the winter comes in Springfield, PA, you don’t want to compromise good air quality for warmth. To help you battle the season, we offer heat and energy recovery ventilators, which allow you to have fresh air without losing heat. These state-of-the-art systems take the heat from the stale indoor air, transfer it to the fresh outdoor air, and just cycle them out for each other. Fresh air could be yours, no matter the time of year. Let us handle your indoor air quality needs.

Water Heaters

Do tankless or traditional tank water heaters not work for your home? There’s no reason to despair. We’ve got heat pump water heaters as well as the previously mentioned ones, since we’re suited to installing systems that work for every home and every budget. These systems don’t generate their own heat like other water heaters, they use electricity to move heat from the air into the water that you use. Let us find the option that works for you.

Commercial HVAC and Plumbing

When it comes to businesses in the Springfield, PA area, we’ve been reliably servicing their commercial HVAC and plumbing needs for 60+ years. Whether you’re the owner of a bank, a restaurant, an office, or any other type of work environment- you need your problems addressed quickly and effectively. Our fast, friendly and reliable customer service will make you wonder why you ever used to stress about plumbing or HVAC issues in the first place. 

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