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Serving the Greater Delaware County

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Serving the Greater Delaware County

24 Hour Service Available


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Tank Water Heaters in Havertown, PA

One call does it all here at Walsh Brothers Plumbing and Mechanical Services, Inc. That means when you need something like a water heater replacement, repair, or even maintenance, you need only to call our team of highly trained and experienced service professionals.

Family-owned and operated since 1959, we’ve served the plumbing and water heater needs of clients throughout Havertown, PA and the surrounding communities for over 60 years. When you want to have a new tank water heater installed or need service for your existing water heater, we’re the team you can trust. You’re always in good hands!

For your tank water heater installation or services, contact us today. Fast-Friendly-Reliable.

The Trusted Tank Water Heater

Not only can you trust our team for your water heater needs, but you can trust today’s tank water heaters to provide you with efficient service, so long as yours is professionally installed and maintained. At Walsh Brothers Plumbing and Mechanical Services, Inc., we work with leading water heater brands, such as Bradford White.

When properly cared for, you can count on your tank hot water heater to last for many years. Manufacturers have continually improved upon the basic model of water heater, and the energy efficiency of today’s systems is exceptional.

Unsure if you want an electric tank water heater or gas tank water heater? Consider this:

  • Electric water heaters are more expensive month-to-month, but provide the safety that many homeowners look for in their home comfort appliances. While gas water heaters are not inherently dangerous at all, individuals may choose this route anyway.
  • Gas water heaters are highly efficient and save homeowners even more money by utilizing clean burning and readily available natural gas.

Professional Tank Water Heater Installation

Tank water heaters can last a very long time, as long as their hot water capacity matches the homes in which they are installed. You’ll want your tank water heater appropriately assessed and integrated into your plumbing system by a trained professional.

You cannot expect even a high-end tank water heater to operate properly if it’s not accompanied by the experience of a trained service professional. Don’t settle for anything less than outstanding quality—you won’t get anything less when you work with our Havertown, PA service professionals!

Turn to Us for Tank Water Heater Maintenance and Repair

Do you know why it’s so important that you have your water heater regularly maintained? When not properly cared for, your hot water tank can suffer from scaling—the buildup of minerals that can lead to corrosion and blockages within the tank. Additionally, there’s an important component called the anode rod that protects against rust and corrosion that must be replaced every few years.

We provide exceptional tank water heater replacement and repair. You can typically tell if your water heater needs to be replaced if it’s not able to provide you with as much hot water as it used to, or if you’ve started seeing rust coming out of your hot water taps. The best thing you can do for your water heater, plus the health and safety of your family, is to call in a pro as soon as you suspect a problem.

Our service professionals are available to assist you with whatever your tank water heater needs may be. Call Walsh Brothers Plumbing and Mechanical Services, Inc. today for quality water heater services throughout Havertown, PA and beyond.

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