Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing

Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing in Havertown, PA

Nothing can halt your day quite like a plumbing problem in either your bathroom or your kitchen. Fortunately, if something does go wrong with your bathroom or kitchen plumbing, you have our fast and friendly Havertown, PA service professionals to turn to.

Family-owned and operated, Walsh Brothers Plumbing and Mechanical Services, Inc. has been serving the plumbing needs of Delaware County homeowners since 1959. When you call on us for your bathroom and kitchen plumbing needs, you can count on us to show up on time and do the work right the first time.

Contact our team today for comprehensive bathroom and kitchen plumbing services! Fast-Friendly-Reliable.

Contact Us for Your Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing Needs

For whatever your kitchen or bathroom plumbing needs may be, our team can help. We offer comprehensive products and services. Some of our specialties include:

  • Toilet Installations and Toilet Repairs: Are you considering the installation of a low-flow toilet? They use far less water, helping both the environment and your budget. If you need repairs on your existing toilet, we’re here for that as well!
  • Sink Repair: Whether you have aging pipes that are beginning to corrode in your bathroom or too much debris buildup has caused backups and leaks in your kitchen sink, our service professionals are on the job.
  • Garbage Disposal Units: Garbage disposal systems are convenient components in modern homes. But they must be cared for properly in order to function as you’d expect. For your garbage disposal installation and services, turn to our trusted plumbers.

Bathroom Plumbing Solutions

Would you believe that over 40% of the fresh water consumption in your household is from the fixtures in your bathroom? In fact, the largest concentration of plumbing in your entire home is found in this room.

Your Havertown, PA area home deserves the best when it comes to servicing your toilets, bathtubs, showers, and bathroom sinks—you rely on your plumbing pipes working flawlessly, and we are here to help ensure that is the case. It’s vital that you have professional plumbers come for whatever your bathroom plumbing needs are.

Our expert service professionals handle all toilet repairs and replacements, in addition to bathroom sink repair and the installation of low-flow plumbing fixtures. We believe your bathrooms should be both functional and convenient!

We Serve All Your Kitchen Plumbing Needs

There are a number of things you can do to properly care for your kitchen sink, as well as other kitchen plumbing appliances and fixtures. For instance, we urge homeowners in Havertown and the surrounding areas to avoid putting FOG (fats, oils, and grease) down their kitchen sink drain. FOG hardens as it cools, creating clogs that just continue to build up until you need serious drain cleaning services. Our team of experienced service professionals is happy to provide any kind of sink plumbing and faucet plumbing services you may need, but we’d also like to help you avoid problems if possible! Contact us for your kitchen plumbing maintenance and repairs as needed, and when you’re looking for superior plumbing installations, keep our number on hand!

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