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Serving the Greater Delaware County

Trenchless Technology in Havertown, PA

For decades, the only method available to repair or replace a damaged sewer line was to dig it out and exchange the old pipe for a new one. Sometimes, sewer repair and replacement is indeed necessary to restore the wastewater disposal system of residences and businesses throughout Delaware County and the Main Line. However, digging a large trench is understandably laborious and messy. It results in damaged lawns, gardens, and walkways.

Enter trenchless sewer line repair. Also called no-dig technology, trenchless repair enables our Havertown, PA professional plumber to set you up with a brand new sewer system without the hassle or disruption of a large trench. One of our core values is “no hassle,” and we mean it!

To take advantage of trenchless technology, contact Walsh Brothers Plumbing and Mechanical Services, Inc. Fast-Friendly-Reliable. We offer comprehensive drain and sewer services!

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The Benefits of Trenchless Technology

Usually, when it comes to a sewer line repair or replacement service, a plumber has to dig a large trench in order to give themselves access to the affected pipe. As you might imagine, this involved a good amount of labor and specialized equipment. It also involved a major visual and functional disruption to your property in order for the plumber to get to where they need to be in order to make repairs. Trenchless technology works a bit different.

Trenchless technology requires nothing more than two relatively small holes at either end of the sewer pipe. Through a method called pipe bursting, a new pipe is pulled through the damaged one, while simultaneously fracturing the old pipe outward. Your sewer line is effectively restored without ever needing to excavate your entire yard.

Does Your Sewer Line Need a Trenchless Solution?

The first step of trenchless sewer line repair or trenchless sewer line replacement is first inspecting the pipe to see exactly where the problem lies. This involves the use of professional video pipe inspection, when we insert a line with a tiny camera on the end through your sewer pipe—another minimally invasive procedure used for effective plumbing solutions.

In order to know it’s time to call for this service though, you should watch for certain signs—signs that you have sewer line problems include slow drains, a foul odor wafting throughout your yard or your home, or wet spots in your yard with no known cause. Even if trenchless sewer repair isn’t necessary, you may benefit tremendously from a good sewer cleaning, such as with hydro-jetting.

Call on Walsh Brothers Plumbing and Mechanical Services, Inc. for Your Trenchless Technology Needs

It can be hard for you to tell what may be wrong with your sewer line or any other part of your plumbing system. But reach out to our team whenever you suspect your sewer system is not functioning as it should, and you’ll be in good hands!

The sooner our team catches the problem, the better. Contact our friendly service professionals today. No matter what your sewer line or plumbing concerns are, please turn to our Havertown, PA plumbers for a job done right the first time!

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