You Know You Need Sump Pump Repairs When….

Maybe you were battling the floodwaters already this spring and putting your sump pump to the test. Or perhaps your sump pump was put through the wringer several months back when we were doused in rain. Whatever your situation, if your home is still clean and dry it may be due to the hard work of a sump pump.

All that hard work is going to add up though. Even if you are scheduling your annual maintenance check for your sump pump, there is a chance that this vital system might have developed a problem. If that is the case, you will want to reach out to a plumber in Havertown, PA for repairs sooner than later–much like a heatwave, flooding can happen without much warning and you don’t want to be without one of your main lines of defense.

What’s Up with My Sump Pump?

If your sump pump needs repairs, it is better to resolve the issue as soon as you can. This might be a little tough if you don’t know what to look for though. That is why we are providing some potential indicators for you to be on the lookout for that will warn you when your sump pump is struggling.


No, your sump pump doesn’t run silently but that doesn’t mean that any noise it emits is normal. If you go to check on your sump pump and find that it is making concerning sounds such as whines or moans, then you should reach out for repair service.


Have you noticed that there is a musty smell in the room where your sump pump is? Trust us, this isn’t normal. If your sump pump has a problem, it may not be able to siphon away wastewater as quickly as usual, leading to the development of mildew or mold, hence that smell.


When you check the sump pit that your sump pump is meant to clear out, what do you see? Is it still full of water and your sump pump is just standing idle? Or is your sump pump running but making no progress? On the other hand, is your pump running even though the sump is clear and dry? While a full sump pit and a dry one are two different sights, your pump’s reaction to that pit is going to tell you a lot about what condition it is in. If your sump pump isn’t behaving right, contact a professional plumber for repairs.

Why Use a Professional Plumber?

We know that some people may cringe a bit at the thought of shelling out extra cash to have a plumber perform the needed sump pump repairs. Believe it or not, this is still going to be the absolute best choice you could make. Trying a DIY solution or trying to have an amateur do the same job for less will almost always end with more trouble than you started out with.

Don’t risk the operation of your sump pump and the safety of your home. Instead, reach out to a trained, professional plumber when you need plumbing repairs.

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