What Is Drain Cleaning?

Without the drains in your home, you wouldn’t be able to do much when it comes to your plumbing. That means no dishwasher, no reliable bathroom or kitchen sink, and so on. Unfortunately, if your drains are clogged up, it will be almost the same as not having them at all.

If your drains are backed up or are showing signs that they are struggling, you will want to consider scheduling drain cleaning with a professional plumber in Havertown, PA. This is a service that will keep the plumbing around your house working the way that it is meant to.

How Does Your Drain Get Cleaned?

Drain cleaning is a professional plumbing service that helps to clear any build-up that has collected into the drains around your home. This can include soap scum, hair, fats, oils, grease, and other built-up junk. If your drains collect too much of this type of build-up, they can get clogged, stopping their ability to siphon away wastewater.

Drain cleaning services provided by professional plumbers are a great way to get rid of this build-up without a hassle and without causing damage to your plumbing.

How to Tell You Need Professional Drain Cleaning Services

When you have a clogged drain or two in your house, you might be tempted to reach for the drain cleaner under your sink. We strongly advise against this. Not only is this chemical solution not very effective, but it can also be harmful to your home’s plumbing and your health too. Instead, schedule professional drain cleaning service with us, especially if you notice these problems:

  • Slower drainage: Have you noticed that your kitchen or bathroom sinks aren’t draining as quickly as usual? This is a sign that there is a build-up of gunk in your drains that is hindering the ability for the water to flow away.
  • Constant clogging: Sometimes your sinks are going to clog up when you try to drain too much too quickly. However, if you are encountering frequent clogging problems it is more likely that you need to clear build-up out of your drains.
  • Gurgling and sucking sounds: If your drains have excessive build-up inside of them you may be able to hear it. Drains that have debris lining them are likely to emit a gurgling or even a ducking noise as water forces its way past the build-up.

How Drain Cleaning Helps

Drain cleaning uses plungers, drain augers, or hydro jets to clear the clogs in your plumbing. These are far more effective solutions to your drain clog issues than a liquid drain cleaner would be. This is only true though if these solutions are provided by professional plumbers like the ones at Walsh Brothers Plumbing and Mechanical Services, Inc.

We know how to properly assess and clear your home’s drains to avoid major clogging issues and even to prevent issues like scaling inside your pipes. Professional drain cleaning is going to help keep your plumbing working well and prevent frequent additional problems.

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