Signs Your Toilet Needs Repairs

If you have indoor plumbing, you likely shudder at the thought of having to revert to an age when outhouses were a standard form of, er, relief. If you have a toilet in your home that isn’t working though, and its the only one, suddenly that outhouse may seem like a decent option. Needless to say, having a working toilet in your home is important. We can help with keeping your toilet running thee way it is meant to.

There is a host of possible problems that your toilet might encounter and the team of professional plumbers at Walsh Brothers Plumbing and Mechanical Services, Inc. can resolve all of them. Here are some different ways to figure out that it is time to contact us for toilet repair in Havertown, PA.

When To Schedule Toilet Repairs

There is more than one problem that your toilet can encounter. They wear out just like any other plumbing system might, after all. Here are some potential problems and their warnings signs to keep alert for, so you know when to reach out to us.

  • A clog in the drain: When you flush your toilet you should be able to rely on the wastewater being siphoned away to the main sewer line. However, if there is a clog in the drain for your toilet, you may notice that the toilet flushes more slowly than normal or, worse, doesn’t flush at all.
  • The inability to flush: If your toilet doesn’t respond when you try to flush it, then you should reach out for a repair from a plumbing professional. There could be a part that has broken or become detached within your toilet and trust us when we say you want this repair done right.
  • Water leaks around the toilet base: A leak around the base of your toilet can be damaging to your home and dangerous to your health. If the base of your toilet is leaking, it is wastewater that is leaking into your floors and/or walls.
  • A leaking toilet tank: Have you noticed that there is standing water or dampness around the back of your toilet? If so, it is likely that the toilet tank is leaking water. You may also notice this if you hear consistent running water in your toilet too.
  • Blocked drain vents: Did you know that your toilet drain has vents to release the gases created by wastewater? If you hear sucking or gurgling noise it is likely due to a blocked drain vent that causes sewer gases to flow out of other plumbing fixtures and create the noise.

A testy toilet is a problem that needs to be addressed quickly since it can be inconvenient at best and harmful to your wellbeing at worst, especially if it is left to create mold. When you need a toilet repaired, you want to have it done quickly and efficiently, hence why you need professionals to perform the repair.

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