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Serving the Greater Delaware County

Heat Pumps in Havertown, PA

One of the great things about today’s air conditioners and heating systems is that they’re designed to last many years. But what happens if they both fail around the same time? If you’re like most Delaware County residents, chances are you’d like to avoid replacing both your air conditioner and your heating system in the same year—that doesn’t seem very budget friendly after all. Well fortunately, if it comes down to it, we have the perfect solution for you—a year-round heat pump installation! Heat pumps work similarly to standard AC systems, with one important difference—in the winter the refrigerant process can be reversed to provide efficient and effective heating to your Havertown, PA area home.
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Solve Your Home Comfort Needs with a Heat Pump Installation

One of the biggest advantages of a professional heat pump installation is that you’ll solve two needs in one. Heat pumps are year-round heating and cooling systems that enable adequate conditioning for your Havertown, PA area home. During the summer, a heat pump system uses the movement of refrigerant between two sets of coils in order to move heat from inside your home and exhaust it outdoors, thus lowering the temperature of the air inside.

What makes it unique, however, is that in the wintertime this process can be reversed with the simple flick of a switch. This switch is called the reversing valve and it allows your heat pump to supply you with adequate and efficient heat by switching the flow of refrigerant to pull in heat from the outdoors and expel it into your living space.

Do You Need a Heat Pump Replacement?

Perhaps the time has come to retire your existing heat pump, or your central air conditioner is on its last legs. Either way, a heat pump replacement is an excellent option. We proudly install and replace not only heat pumps, but dual fuel heating systems and even ductless systems—both of which utilize the 2-in-1 heat pump technology. By choosing a heat pump replacement over the traditional cooling and heating setup, you’ll benefit from:

  • Convenience: Heat pumps combine all your home comfort needs into one system that is easier to maintain and service.
  • Energy Savings: Unlike a gas or electric powered furnace, heat pumps do not generate heat. They transfer heat, making them a far more efficient option in the winter.
  • Safety: While gas-powered heating systems are not inherently dangerous, many Havertown, PA residents choose a heat pump replacement option for guaranteed system safety.

Prevent Heat Pump Repairs with Proper Maintenance

Not all HVAC system repair needs can be prevented. In fact, we can guarantee that you will need some type of repair over the course of your system’s lifespan, simply due to natural wear and tear. But you can help fend off the biggest and most costly of repair needs with proper heat pump maintenance!

Ask about our maintenance program. You receive a 15-point cooling check as well as a 15-point heating check each year—that’s right, your heat pump maintenance sessions should be conducted twice a year. For a typical air conditioner or heater maintenance should be done annually, but a heat pump is used year round and therefore needs extra care. To learn more about our maintenance program or to schedule heat pump repair, contact our team today!

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