Why Your Furnace is Making That Noise

You’ve caught yourself holding still and listening to the noises emanating from your ductwork a few times now. What in the world is that noise? We hate to say this but it is likely to be caused by your furnace.

Over time your furnace will wear out a bit and develop maintenance and repair needs that you should address ASAP. One of the symptoms of these repair needs will be the different noises they create. With that said, we all know that furnaces don’t run completely silently. We want to help clarify the issues by giving you some insight on what noises you might hear that are indicators you should schedule furnace service in Gladwyne, PA, and how to tell them apart from normal noises.

When Your Noisy Furnace Should Concern You

So what are some of these sounds that your furnace might make that you should take note of? We can tell you.

  • Rattling: We want to start here because this noise can have dangerous origins. One cause could be rattling ductwork telling you that you need duct repair. Another cause, however, could be a cracked heat exchanger which is a serious issue that could put your home in danger. If you hear rattling, don’t hesitate to call a professional.
  • Screeching: If it sounds like your furnace is screaming at you, then you probably need repairs. A screeching noise is often caused by problems within your furnace’s blower motor and, if left unaddressed for too long, it can cause serious damage to your system.
  • Scraping: If you hear the sound of metal scraping against metal, there is a problem with your blower fan. It is likely that a blade is broken or loose and needs to be repaired.
  • Popping or Booming: The sound of a small explosion is certainly not one to ignore. This is another noise that can have two causes: expanding and contracting air ducts, or dirty burners causing delayed ignition. If you hear either of these sounds your best option is to schedule repairs ASAP.

Potentially Normal Noises

There are some noises that your furnace may make which are normal. Here are a few sounds that you might be able to ignore:

  • Clicking: This is a normal sound because it is created by your furnace trying to light the gas within it to create heat. If this sound lasts for more than a few minutes however, you should call a technician to have your system checked.
  • Crackling: When your furnace shuts off after a full warming cycle you might hear crackling. As long as the crackling noise doesn’t last for an extended period, you should be okay to pass this noise by.
  • Whooshing: Hearing the whoosh of air from your vents? Good! If you couldn’t hear this noise it would be a cause for concern.

If you are hearing some concerning noises that we discussed above, or even a noise that we didn’t touch on, we suggest reaching out for assistance. We can diagnose and address any noisy repair needs your furnace may have.

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