What is Kettling?

The wind is kicking up outside but you are nice and cozy in the safe haven of your home. Between the wonderful sealing that your home has and the efficient heating capacity of your heater, you can enjoy these briskly chilly days in comfort with a hot cup of tea in hand for extra measure.

Just as you are settling down to catch up on your favorite show however you realize you left the kettle on. When you go to check the kitchen though, the kettle is sitting quietly. Where is that odd whistling noise coming from then?

The noise you are hearing could be your boiler’s way of telling you that it is in dire need of boiler service in Wynnewood, PA.

What’s That Noise?

Let’s take this issue from the top by answering the main question first. What is the noise you are hearing that sounds oddly like a tea kettle whistle? It is your boiler and it is emitting a noise called “kettling.”

What Causes Kettling?

Your boiler creating a kettling noise is not a normal thing. You really shouldn’t hear this sound coming from anything other than a tea kettle with boiling water.

The cause of kettling is a build-up of sediment and minerals that have found a home within your boiler system. These deposits will eventually collect to form limescale which inhibits the flow of water in your boiler system, leaving water trapped in the pipe where it evaporates into steam and causes the distinct whistling noise that you hear. It also creates a large amount of pressure in the system and causes a rumbling sound as well.

Why is Kettling a Problem?

Kettling, as we said, is caused by limescale build-up in your boiler, specifically within the heat exchanger. The pressure that this issue can cause isn’t good for your boiler and can cause major damage if not addressed sooner than later. If you notice kettling and rumbling noises coming from your boiler heater, your best choice is to contact a professional technician to get your system repaired.

A professional will be able to assess what exactly is going on with your boiler and get the issues fixed or, if the damage has become too much, can help you figure out a boiler replacement.

Where to Find Reliable Boiler Repairs

When it comes to getting services for your boiler, you should always schedule your repairs with a professional. Especially when it comes to problems like kettling that are centered within your system’s heat exchanger, there is no room for amateurs.

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