Do You Need a Boiler Replacement?

Your boiler is a pretty important system for your home, especially on chilly winter days. But even now, as temperatures have become more liveable with spring on its way, your boiler shouldn’t be completely off your mind. There is still the chance of an exceptionally cold week blowing through here and, if that happens, you will want to make sure your boiler is up to the task of keeping you comfortable.

So let’s take a moment to think about your boiler heating system. If it needs a boiler service in Springfield, PA, the sooner you schedule an appointment with a trained technician, the better it will be. However, there is always the chance that the service you are in need of is a heating system replacement.

The question is, how do you know that you need a replacement and not a boiler repair?

To Repair or Replace?

A lot of the time, people will schedule a repair service for a boiler that actually needs to be replaced. Here are some questions to ask to help you determine which service you should be requesting:

1. How old is your boiler?

Your boiler is usually going to last between 10 to 15 years. If it is well-maintained, it will last a good 15 years easily but if it passes this mark, you will want to start preparing for a system replacement, rather than trying to use multiple repairs to keep the boiler running.

2. How long does it take for my home to warm up?

Your boiler is going to take a little bit of time to heat up your home. But that doesn’t mean that it should take close to an hour for you to start feeling comfortable when you’re home. If your boiler seems to be taking longer and longer to heat things up, there is a chance that it is telling you it is on it’s way out.

3. How often does your boiler need to be repaired?

Repairs for your boiler heater are an inevitability, even if your system is well-maintained; it is just how things work! However, this doesn’t mean that your boiler should need repairs more than once a year. If it does need more than a yearly repair, or the repairs are getting too expensive, this is likely a warning sign that your heater is on its way out.

4. Are your heating bills getting too high?

Yes, your bills will fluctuate a bit when you run your boiler heater but they shouldn’t skyrocket. If the changes in your energy bills are extreme, then it is probable that your boiler is struggling quite hard to keep you warm.

Hopefully, asking some of these questions can be helpful in the process of determining what kind of boiler service you need. However, if you still aren’t sure exactly what your boiler needs, you should still reach out to a technician for assistance. We can help with diagnosis and providing effective services that will ensure you have a working heater.

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