Is Your Generator Ready for a Storm?

Pennsylvania has seen some intense weather. From the paralyzing effect of the Great Blizzard of March 1888 to the havoc created by Hurricane Agnes in 1972, to the more recent toll of Hurricane Sandy on our state. We know far too well how quickly things can get bad. And when the lights go out while everyone is home, you will have enough to worry about trying to make it through without power. That is why you have a whole house generator, after all.

But what do you do when the lights go out and your generator doesn’t kick on like it’s meant to? It’s a chilling thought, we know, and that’s why we are bringing it up. Think about when you last did a full check on your generator? If a storm rolled through tomorrow, are you 100% sure that your generator would be ready to handle the job? If you aren’t, it may be time to consider scheduling generator services in Havertown, PA.

Does Your Generator Need Repairs?

If your generator has a repair need, you really want to catch it long before you have to trust the system to be able to function during a big weather event. Here are a few potential problems that you should check for ahead of time in order to make sure your generator can keep your home running when you need it to.

  • Look for worn or frayed electrical components: Take a good look at your generator’s wires, buttons, and any other electrical parts. Do you see an issues such as a frayed wire, loose connectors, sticking buttons or other concerns? These are all problems that can lead to your generator shutting down at the worst possible moment. Make sure you get these issues addressed ASAP.
  • Check for a drained battery: Even if you haven’t used your generator for a while, the battery in the system can still drain. You should check the battery voltage for your whole home generator to ensure it is up to task, and get it replaced if it isn’t.
  • Scan for leaks: Your generator uses oil or fuel to run and refrigerant to keep its engine cool. As you have probably guessed, these are all parts of the system that have the potential to start leaking. If you notice there are signs of a leak around it, reach out for repairs.
  • See if the system has trouble starting up: Last but not least, make sure your whole house generator turns on! If you do a test run and discover that it has a hard time starting up or runs unreliably (turning on and off again), you will want to schedule a visit from a technician.

We are on your side! We make sure that everything is done right, so when it counts the most, your systems keep running.

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