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Grease Traps in Havertown, PA

When you run a commercial kitchen in Havertown, PA or anywhere throughout Delaware County, the last thing you need is an inexperienced handyman serving your plumbing needs. There’s no need to worry about that when you work with Walsh Brothers Plumbing and Mechanical Services, Inc. Serving businesses and commercial building owners since 1959, we specialize in providing all types of commercial plumbing services, including the installation, maintenance, and repair of grease traps.

Grease traps are the best method to get rid of the FOG (fats, oils, and grease) that result as a byproduct of the cooking that happens in a commercial kitchen. Our service professionals install and service grease traps throughout the Main Line, so if you need grease trap services, don’t hesitate to call us!

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How a Commercial Grease Trap Works

Grease traps consist of a box installed in the sewer line leading from your commercial sinks. As food waste infiltrates the grease trap, FOG and any other buoyant material floats to the top of the trap. In the meantime, the heavier, solid, waste sinks to the bottom. This leaves only liquid waste to travel through the grease trap and continue on to the municipal sewer line.

The solid and semi-solid waste is stored in the grease trap until the device is full. At this point, the grease trap needs to be cleaning to keep functioning as it should. This is truly the best method there is to avoid serious problem that can occur with the commercial sewer lines.

Why You Need a Grease Trap

It may seem strange that FOG can create so much damage to your commercial plumbing system. After all, it’s in liquid form when it goes down the kitchen sink drain—but unfortunately it doesn’t stay that way. As FOG cools, it begins to harden into a viscous, semi-solid substance, which sticks to the walls of your pipes and the sewer line.

If enough FOG accumulates within the plumbing, it could result in a completely blocked and restricted sewer line. At this point, you’ll need the whole water line cleaned out before you can resume using the kitchen. This is, of course, a huge hassle when you’re running a restaurant since it creates a business interruption.

In addition to that, you risk more than just negatively impacting your own business—that FOG can accumulate deep down in the sewer line, causing problems for all the buildings associated with it. In fact, it’s legally required in many cities that all commercial kitchens use and maintain their grease traps for this reason.

Comprehensive Grease Trap Services from a Team You Can Trust

In order to have a grease trap installed, your commercial building’s sewer line needs to be accessed. This isn’t something you can do on your own, but also isn’t something you want to trust to an inexperienced plumber. For your grease trap to be installed in accordance with legal regulations, it’s essential that you contact professionals with extensive experience—such as our Havertown, PA service professionals.

And simply having a grease trap expertly installed is just the beginning. The grease trap will need to be emptied about every few months in order to continue functioning as it’s meant to. Without routine cleaning, the grease trap itself will clog up, and you’ll be stuck with the same problem you had before having a new grease trap put in.

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