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Serving the Greater Delaware County

Backflow Prevention in Havertown, PA

An important part of owning and managing a business or commercial space is making sure that space is safe. Another important part is ensuring that your business practices aren’t doing any harm to the environment. One way to maintain safety is with a backflow prevention device, expertly installed by the Havertown, PA plumbers here at Walsh Brothers Plumbing and Mechanical Services, Inc. What is backflow? It’s the reversal of the normal flow of water, and if it occurs within the public water system throughout Delaware County or the Main Line, then the water can be contaminated, creating a health hazard. In most jurisdictions, the installation and maintenance of a backflow prevention device is required by law. Fortunately, when you need help with this, you needn’t look any further than our team!
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What’s Your Backflow Contamination Risk?

When considering the risk of backflow contamination, the key areas of concern are anywhere that water pools around an outdoor faucet or fixture. For instance, pesticide-laden water existing around a sprinkler head would be a problem, or a sink hose submerged in a pool of soapy water. Irrigation systems pose a risk of backflow contamination as well, whether commercial or residential!

Just like backflow prevention devices are required by law in the communities we serve, most commercial spaces are also required to have backflow testing does on a regular basis. The installation and service of backflow preventers are is regulated by local authorities. If you need to install a new one or need service on your existing backflow preventer, it’s important that you contact a certified plumber.

Hiring a Havertown, PA Backflow-Certified Service Professional

Have you recently discovered that you need a backflow preventer installed on your property? Maybe you already have one and you need backflow testing done to ensure it is doing its job. If either of these scenarios is true for your commercial space, then you need a professional plumber with the right certification. Our team is highly trained and certified to complete this job safely and effectively.

You really can’t trust just any handyman off the street to install or service a backflow preventer on your commercial property. You need it to function reliably and safely, and you also want to ensure that you’re in compliance with local regulations, whether you’re centered here in Havertown, or in any of the Delaware County neighborhoods we serve.

What Happens During Backflow Testing?

In some commercial plumbing systems, there is already an air gap present. It’s used to prevent backflow from happening. This air gap is an open vertical space within the plumbing system that prevents cross-contamination. But in places where there’s even a small risk of backflow entering the public supply pipes, a backflow preventer needs to be present.

And in order to ensure that any backflow preventer put in place actually works as it should, it needs to be routinely tested. One of our expertly trained service professionals will connect a test kit to the backflow prevention device in order to verify that it is functioning properly. This service requires that all water downstream of the backflow device be shut off to perform the test. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions about this process!

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