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Serving the Greater Delaware County

Commercial Geothermal in Havertown, PA

Are you a business owner or manager of a commercial space interested in offering complete comfort for your employees or clientele? Then you would do well to consider geothermal heating and cooling—which will help you save more money over using traditional commercial HVAC solutions. Geothermal heat pump systems are extensive installations for a commercial location, but the numerous benefits will make up for their initial expense over time.

At Walsh Brothers Plumbing and Mechanical Services, Inc., we combine our over 60 years of experience with extensive training and a hassle-free guarantee to bring you the best in commercial geothermal heating and cooling. We’re very familiar with the needs of local businesses, and you can rely on our team whether you’re looking for a new geothermal installation, replacement, repairs, or maintenance.

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Should You Have a Commercial Geothermal System Installed?

For most businesses and commercial buildings, indoor comfort throughout the year comes from a rooftop package unit that uses two sets of coils to remove or release heat from the air, and send it into the building’s ventilation system.

Geothermal systems, however, use the ground for their heat exchange instead. An indoor heat pump system absorbs or releases heat from the air inside the building, and then underground loops carry out the second half of the process, either by removing heat from or depositing heat into the earth itself.

Since the temperature approximately 10 feet below the frost line remains stable no matter what the temperature is above the ground, geothermal heat pump systems are typically much more reliable than traditional rooftop units.

Choosing Geothermal for Your Business

The main reason many business owners choose to go geothermal for their heating and cooling needs it how well it affects their bottom line. Geothermal systems offer a number of benefits, namely energy efficiency. In fact, these systems are typically 3 to 6 times more efficient than standard commercial rooftop units.

The reason for this is because geothermal systems draw and deposit heat from a steady source, making it consume less power than on that relies on outside air. You’ll see a drop in energy costs when you go geothermal, and the system will pay for itself after only a few years. Other benefits are the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and the long lifespan of these systems—the ground loops can last for more than 50 years!

Contact Our Team for Reliable Commercial Geothermal Services

Commercial geothermal heating and cooling systems are incredibly efficient and sturdy systems. They don’t require much by way of repairs. But just like any other mechanical system or appliance, you will want to schedule routine maintenance for your system.

Maintenance allows our service professionals to thoroughly inspect the system. We’ll clean the system, make necessary adjustments, and check for any small repair needs before they become much bigger emergencies later on down the line. For your commercial geothermal services, contact the trusted Havertown, PA service professionals here at Walsh Brothers Plumbing and Mechanical Services, Inc.

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