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Serving the Greater Delaware County

It is that time of year again. Maybe it crept up on you this time in a way that it hasn’t before and you fell behind in your gift buying (we don’t blame you it’s been a long year). You aren’t alone if you are finding yourself at a loss for gift ideas this season.

We always want to be as helpful as possible so we thought we’d give you a quick guide for some unique and useful gift ideas to give this year. And, who knows, maybe there is a little something on this list that you might enjoy too!

6 Unique Gift Ideas You May Like

  1. Make a hot cocoa mix: Snag some mason jars and ingredients from your local store. With some sugar, cocoa powder, marshmallows, etc. you can create a low-cost but much appreciated drink mix your loved ones will love. Spice it up with some nutmeg or cardamom!
  2. Create a movie night box: Have friends or family members that are trying to catch up on their movies and shows? Give them a helping hand with a custom movie box. Put together some of their favorite popcorn gas, candies, and maybe even a DVD you know they’d enjoy.
  3. Help keep the plumbing clean and clear: This is perfect for you or someone you know who is struggling with clogged drains. You don’t want to deal with a back-up when you should be enjoying time with the family. With our professional drain cleaning service promo, this won’t be a problem.
  4. Keep the home warm with heating repairs: Another great idea for your home comfort is investing in expert heating services that will keep this vital system running. Check out our heating repairs promotion that offers 10% off your first repair service call.
  5. Give the gift of caffeine: Do you know someone who loves coffee? Like, they really love it? If so, let them know you are thinking about them by giving them a gift you know they’ll love: caffeine. Check out your local coffee shops and get some different roasts that they can try. This is a great way to find a gift for your favorite caffeine-fiend and support small businesses too.
  6. Offer your time: Sometimes the time you can offer someone is all the gift they need. Think about the people around you and what they might need help with. Offer a couple of hours of babysitting free-of-charge to your friends with a young child. Call up your elderly neighbor and offer to help in the garden. There is more than one way that you can brighten someone’s season just by lending a helping hand.

Whether you or your loved ones need a helping hand with their comfort this season, we are the team to trust. We are family-owned and operated and have been since we opened our doors in 1959. You are always in good hands with us.

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