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Serving the Greater Delaware County

A good heater is absolutely something to be happy to have during a cold winter season. This is the system that can make the difference between a home that slowly allows your toes to turn into popsicles and one that keeps you safely and comfortably warm on the coldest of days.

But, aside from keeping your warm, is there anything else that makes your electric furnace in Havertown, PA something special? We’d say that yes there is! Read on to discover some reasons to love your electric furnace and discover how you can show it some love in return.

3 Reasons to Love Your Electric Furnace

Electric furnaces aren’t for everyone. But if you have been using one of these systems in your home, you should know what the benefits are!

  1. No fossil fuels! If you are hoping to keep the use of fossil fuels out of your home, then your electric furnace is a great option! Electric furnaces are going to be ALL electric, meaning they don’t use any form of natural gas or any other fossil fuel.
  2. Environmentally friendly: This may be easy to guess but electric furnaces don’t produce any combustion gases. This makes them highly environmentally friendly and it reduces your carbon footprint!
  3. Safer operation: Let’s be clear, natural gas furnaces are made to be as safe as possible. But if a gas leak occurs in one of those systems things can become dangerous. With an electric furnace, you never have to worry about this issue popping up. As long as your electric furnace is well-maintained it should operate safely and effectively for a long time.

How to Show Your Furnace Some Love

As you can see there is a lot to love about an electric furnace. As long as the electricity in your area is affordable, this system can be a great fit to meet your heating needs.

So, now you might be wondering how to give some love back to your system. Or in less cheesy terms, how do you take care of this system to get the maximum number of years out of it? We have some tips!

  • Change the filter regularly: Your system filter needs to be checked regularly so that it can be changed when it becomes too dirty. Changing the dirty filter helps to improve the operation and efficiency of your furnace system.
  • Adjust your thermostat: You deserve to be warm but it is worth it to turn down the thermostat sometimes. Grabbing a warm sweater and keeping the thermostat around 68° can help to minimize energy usage without leaving you cold.
  • Get professional service: Lastly, an electric furnace needs professional service to keep it running properly for the maximum number of years. You can come to our team for your electric furnace’s maintenance and repair needs. By getting these services done by an expert, you are ensuring that your furnace is taken care of properly.

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